Xbox Leak Reveals Potential One-Hand Controller, Mobile Controller, More

As part of a significant leak of unannounced Xbox hardware is mention of a raft of potential devices Microsoft sees in its future. In the same Federal Trade Commission (FTC) versus Microsoft trial document that leaked mid-gen Xbox console refreshes and Microsoft’s plans for a next-gen Xbox in 2028 comes a slide that details more products.

The slide contains rudimentary images for products “designed for Xbox”, including a one-hand controller, a mobile controller that clips on a phone, and a gaming keyboard and mouse. Microsoft has yet to announce any of these products. IGN has asked the company for comment.

It’s important to point out that this slide comes from a document put together in May 2022, so it’s over a year out of date. Plans change, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer may have failed to secure funding for any or all of these products.

Also of interest are the devices above the fold in the slide. These outline Microsoft’s vision for where Xbox can be played, and include a cloud device and a handheld. Leaked documents have already revealed Microsoft’s enthusiasm for controllers (Sebile, a new Xbox controller that includes direct-to-cloud connectivity is apparently in the works).

Microsoft has already partnered with a number of third-parties to get Xbox on handhelds, such as the Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld and the ASUS ROG Ally. According to The Verge, Microsoft was prototyping a cloud-focused Xbox handheld running a lightweight version of the Xbox user interface.

Microsoft is currently embroiled in perhaps the biggest, most devastating leak in Xbox history, with FTC trial documents revealing its plans for a mid-gen Xbox refresh in 2024, a next-gen hybrid Xbox in 2028, and Bethesda’s release schedule. A leaked email revealed Phil Spencer really wants to buy Nintendo.

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Author: Wesley Yin-Poole