As you set out on Link’s quest to save Hyrule, you need to take the IGN Tears of the Kingdom Walkthrough and Strategy Guide with you. Yes, yes, it’s dangerous to go alone and all that… But seriously: This guide has been composed by expert players over hundreds, maybe even thousands of hours of gameplay. Along the way we will show you how to get every Shrine, Fairy Fountain, Tower, and much more. The latest updates include the intro areas that teach you the ropes:

  • Great Sky Island – Find Princess Zelda and The Closed Door – The four opening Shrines are accounted for here, and the quest for the paraglider.
  • To the Kingdom of Hyrule – Touching down on a changed Hyrule, things are going downhill, but where is Zelda?
  • Crisis at Hyrule Castle – Find Captain Hoz – The castle is changed too.

And the walkthrough then moves on to guides for the first real challenges in Hyrule!

  • Camera Work in the Depths – Get to know the newest… or oldest? area of Hyrule.
  • Impa and the Geoglyphs – Start this sidequest next, it’s super cool and tells an important story.
  • Regional Phenomena – To Rito Village – From here, we suggest you go west first to face your first dungeon.

And by the by, you can mainline Tears of the Kingdom using the above guides but also consider the following places to begin your exploration:

  • Tears of the Kingdom Shrine Guides and Locations
  • 16 Things to Do First in Tears of the Kingdom
  • 14 Things Tears of the Kingdom Doesn’t Tell You
  • How to Uncover the Full TOTK Map
  • How to Expand Your Inventory in TOTK

And don’t forget to check out our completely huge Tears of the Kingdom Interactive Map, for all Shrine, Great Fairy, and Korok Seed locations as well.


And for those of you looking to get a special edge on the competition (the competition being Bokoblins), check out our top secret section with how to unlock the best stuff, exploits, and other fun, helpful ways to get ahead:

  • Tears of the Kingdom Cheats and Secrets

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Author: Samuel Claiborn