Millions of people have been exploring IGN’s Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Interactive Map since TOTK’s launch, and today it just got even bigger: We’ve added over 900 Korok Seed locations (that’s right, there are 1000 seeds to be found this time), all 152 Shrine locations are accounted for, and the Skyview Towers and Great Fairies as well.

Latest Updates to the TOTK Interactive Map

Perhaps the coolest new update is our Armor Locations. Looking for a specific armor set in TOTK (here’s a list)? Use the search bar: The locations will be filtered. Our experts recommend the Glider Armor Set , the Climber’s Armor Set, and the Soldier’s Armor Set.

Another great update is the Paraglider Fabric Locations. See a complete list of the Paraglider Fabrics and how to get them here. Paraglider fabrics can also be unlocked via Amiibo scans. Glide in style!

Pro tip: You can filter the map to suit your needs. Too crowded? Hit the ALL MARKERS – HIDE button and select the categories you want to show. Your filters and of course the items you check off will be saved in the cloud.

Previous Tears of the Kingdom Interactive Map Updates

If you are playing Tears of the Kingdom, (we hope you are), you’ll absolutely need this interactive map of Hyrule! The in-game map is helpful, (here’s how to reveal it by finding all of the Skyview Towers), but if you want to set a destination, like those Towers – or Shrines, Great Fairies, or Korok Seeds and just knock them out, we’ve got the locations for everything in the interactive “TOTK” map. The map of Central Hyrule holds more surprises than you’d think. We’ve found them all.

Tears of the Kingdom Map (Central Hyrule)

On the Tears of the Kingdom Interactive Map page, you can:

  • Filter by map marker
  • Check off your progress as you go
  • Store your checklist data online

Once you are on the helpful Tears of the Kingdom Interactive Map page, you can filter by map marker type easily (eg. Koroks, Fairies, Shrines, Caves), but even better, you can check off your progress as you go to make sure you’ve gotten them all. We actually save that data for you, so when you come back, your precious Seeds stash is tracked and ready to pick up where you left off. In fact, we store your checked-off Shrines, Fairies, and Koroks in the cloud so if you switch to your phone from your laptop, we have you covered.

And by the by, about those Shrines, we have many, many guides to the Shrine puzzles themselves including the step-by-step instructions for reaching them.

Find Important Weapon and Armor Locations

In addition to finding key locations and Korok seeds, the interactive Tears of the Kingdom map can help you find the best weapons and armor in the game. You can also filter by materials or enemies to find their locations on the map.

Tears of the Kingdom Map-based Spoilers

Note that the Tears of the Kingdom Hyrule map has three layers:

  • The Sky
  • The Surface
  • The Depths

The Sky, The Surface, and the Depths maps are stacked in our Tears of the Kingdom Interactive Map, so you can scroll up on the map to see the Sky, down to see the Depths. In the Depths, Light Roots are also mapped (and note that they correspond to the locations of the Shrines above, which is a nice hint for exploring the Depths).

Tears of the Kingdom Walkthrough

For help with everything Tears of the Kingdom, hop into our massive Tears of the Kingdom Walkthrough to set about making your way through Hyrule.

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