We already knew that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom includes a pretty major improvement to Breath of the Wild’s cooking systme in the form of recipe cards. But there are some brand new recipes to cook up too, including everyone’s favorite lazy dinner night dish: pizza.

Warning: Minor spoilers for a Tears of the Kingdom sidequest follow the image. Read on at your own risk!

Incredibly, Tears of the Kingdom’s pizza is actually not that easy to make. It consists of wheat, tomato, and cheese, but one ingredient proves particularly difficult: the cheese. Officially, there’s no cheese available in Hyrule when you start the game. You have to head to Hateno Village and complete a questline in order to make it, after which you can buy it and bake some pizza-y goodness any time you like.

What’s even funnier is the content of this sidequest. Essentially, the story is that the mayor of Hateno’s grandfather figured out how to make cheese years ago, but concluded that the people weren’t ready for it. So everyone just somehow forgot cheese existed, and now a woman in Hateno is trying to recreate it and needs your help to effectively invent cheese for the second time ever. Incredible.

Pizza isn’t the only food item you’ll be cooking up in Tears of the Kingdom, even if it might rank among the silliest ones. There are tons of other recipes you can discover, and we have a full guide on the way to help you sort them out.

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